Building a culture of Conscious Leadership

We seek to collaborate with people who are passionate, care about their work and bring deep natural involvement to everything they do. If you’re seeking just a job, we are not the right fit for you.

The business world, more than ever, has the power and the responsibility to embody more than just profit.

We practice conscious living by not only doing phenomenal work, but also giving back to causes that we believe in. 

Education, Food for life, care for the wise and saintly, and shelter for animals are in our DNA, and in our soul.

According to Ancient wisdom, these are the essential building blocks for a harmonious world.

If you are an expert in your field, and (preferably) practice yoga, mindfulness, and are thrilled to be in an environment which supports these quests both external and internal, we’re the right fit for you.

Our Values

Building a culture and an enjoyable and productive atmosphere- Based on wisdom principles, conscious values and common sense.

Unique benefits

Learning Never Stops!

Regular industry training programs from the best in the industry are organized either live or through our Learning Management System (LMS) . We spend a lot of time and effort in upskilling people in our team.

Work from anywhere

Not limited to geographical boundaries. We believe that if one is talented enough, they don't need to be in an office space, so we decided to work remotely indefinitely.

Partner up with Industry defining businesses

you get to be partners to most defining B2B businesses of our generation.


Every month, the whole team comes together- to celebrate all our wins, reflect on what we need to improve on, and ask anything on your mind from the CEO. This way, everybody knows how we’re doing as an organization, and what we need to do better to improve the company and our role in it.


Every week, the whole company reflects on essential questions that define our existence, get to know each other better, and bare our hearts. A team that reflects together wins together.

5% profit given away

Every year, 5% of our annual profit is donated to different charities mentioned here. These are causes we believe in, and are contributing to the most under-previliged and the deserving.

Open positions

Know what you’re looking for? Check out our openings:

Senior Communication Designer

Experience : 4 - 5 Years

Account Planner

Experience : 6 + Years

Didn't find anything interesting?

Apply to our Talent Pool. We love to hire exceptional people, so if there’s an opportunity that suits your skills and experience, we will get in touch with you!

If conscious leadership is your thing, come join us.