SAP successfully builds and engages an online community, Growth Matters Forum

Our Expertise

Idea and Insight

MSMEs are the backbone of the Indian economy, they must have the resources and the proper access at their disposal to prosper and grow. And to cater to this need, SAP, under their Global Bharat Program, created an online community, Growth Matters Forum, to provide the platform to the business owners to share, network, and connect with people from their business and industry. But how could they bring some of the leading names on one platform?

Planning and Execution

The community was growing exponentially and it was important to engage new members of the community so that they could eventually become active participants and contributors on the Growth Matters Forum. The strategy delivered on the needs of the members by offering them relevant content. The industry-specific content was curated so that members could become increasingly receptive to the various interactive content like Polls and Comic Strips.

Step 1

Revamping the website to make it more interactive

SAP along with the partnership of FrogIdeas put in hours of intensive research to understand how the UI/UX could be modified to make it more friendly for a community to interact on. The action was taken based on the research and a new look was given to the website.

Step 2

Experimenting with various content formats

Comic Strips, Polls, and Newsletters were curated to grab the eyeballs of members and keep them hooked.

Step 3

Prompting communication amongst members

Cadence and Frequencies were set to enable regular communication within the community.

The creative execution of the Growth Matters Forum was aligned with the overall objective which was to engage and retain top names of the industry in the community.

Owing to the brand assets SAP was able to build a community of like-minded business owners, lift awareness amongst them while prompting Over a short period, we observed promising improvement in some of the critical-time metrics we had identified for the engagement.

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