Powering a CCaaS firm foray into the USA

Our Expertise

Idea and Insight

Founded in 2007 by an experienced team of technologists and entrepreneurs, Ozonetel simplifies call center operations, so that call centers can make the most of their communications platform to maximize sales and amplify agent productivity. 

With its roots in India, the firm wanted to win in the USA market with its varied range of contact center solutions.  However, it faced several challenges in establishing and connecting with its target audience. The brand needed to determine its ideal target market, finalize the USP’s which could create a powerful competitive advantage, and communicate this in the most compelling way possible.

What was needed was a transformative branding strategy that could express their uniqueness in the market, talk to the right customers and become undeniable.

Renaissance undertook the task at hand and developed a new branding thought process that harmonized the brand’s biggest advantages, Ultrafast Implementation with VIP support

The new branding translated to the positioning, messaging, and visuals of the brand and were incorporated into all assets, right from the logo, to the tagline, corporate identity, and more.

This was the dawn of a new Ozonetel. Ready to win in the USA.

Planning and Execution

Ozonetel needed a refreshing brand tonality that could communicate all its attributes, and a new brand identity that would capture the essence of the company, while also encapsulating its mission, vision, and values. The aim was to establish Ozonetel as the most impactful contact center software for mid-sized businesses in the US. 

The journey of reinventing the brand began with in depth interviews with the Ozonetel executive team to understand the target market, USP’s and propositions which would position them right. The Renaissance team looked at all the competitors as well to assess the ‘blue ocean’ for Ozonetel to compete, and win.

Ultrafast Implementation with VIP support.

This proposition was crafted by the Renaissance team to establish the biggest value to SMB businesses. They need to go live fast with their contact centers, and need hand holding. As competitors offer their services on a self-serve model, this proposition could attract SMB business owners who wanted to win, but with a partner who truly had their back.

With this powerful mission articulated, we set out to build the brand. The core visual cues were finalized, and then translated into different assets for both external and internal communication.


Our UI/UX expert redesigned the Homepage of the Ozonetel website as per the new design language, while our designers simultaneously worked on the boilerplate, brochure, corporate deck, customer stories, business cards, newsletters, and website banners, social media videos, emailers, and much more.

Everything from the brand image to the communication was reimagined according to the new identity of Ozonetel. 

Business Card


This complete transformation helped the brand create distinctiveness amidst the competition. The new communication- both written and visual attract the SMB owners who want expert help and guidance, and can reduce sunk costs in lengthy integrations. 

Ozonetel was now ready to cater to a special niche in the SMB segment.