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Powering a CCaaS firm foray into the USA

With its roots in India, the firm wanted to win in the USA market with its varied range of contact center solutions. Renaissance undertook the task at hand and developed a new branding thought process that harmonized the brand’s biggest advantages, Ultrafast Implementation with VIP support

Tata Communications successfully launches a connected vehicle program, MOVE to help businesses achieve automotive excellence

Tata Communications wanted to launch their solution, MOVE Intelligent Connected Platform, and build a pipeline for next year while keeping in mind the current industry sentiment.

Celebrating 10 years of a key product through a human first campaign.

Enriching the lives of 2 billion people, Mahindra Comviva is the global leader of mobility solutions catering to ‘The Businesses of Tomorrow.’

UiPath builds a thought leadership led ecosystem, Pioneers of Automation for automation experts across the globe

An ecosystem that fosters innovation and brings together some of the biggest leaders in the industry has the ability to evoke revolutionary ideas and thoughts. 

SAP successfully builds and engages an online community, Growth Matters Forum

SAP, under their Global Bharat Program, created an online community, Growth Matters Forum, to provide the platform to the business owners to share, network, and connect with people from their business and industry.

HCL conducts #CoolestInterviewEver, world’s first ever public interview

HCL, is one of the leading companies in the world but it competes with giants like IBM. In a sector that sees rigorous competition, how do they differentiate their hiring process and get access to the global IT talent pool?

Bosch encourages safety on roads from Artic to Anatartic in 90 days

To spread awareness about road safety, Bosch co-sponsored a one-of-a-kind ride – Polar Odyssey, which had 3 Riders ride from the Arctic to the Antarctic in 90 days