HCL conducts #CoolestInterviewEver, world’s first ever public interview

Our Expertise

Idea and Insight

HCL, is one of the leading companies in the world but it competes with giants like IBM. In a sector that sees rigorous competition, how do they differentiate their hiring process and get access to the global IT talent pool?

One of key values that HCL highlights is their transparency and they wanted a medium to demonstrate their key value. Organizations mostly use social media to hire through job postings and to conduct background checks. HCL wanted to create an end-to-end recruitment process on social media to stand out amongst their competitors. HCL decided to hold the world’s first ever public interview on Twitter. Twitter as a platform was targeted specifically because 39% percent of all job seekers use Twitter. 

But an end-to-end recruitment on social media is simple as theory but complex while executing. How did HCL manage to do the same while starting conversations and standing out amongst the crowd?

Planning and Execution

HCL designed their unique reach campaign, #CoolestInterviewEver​ that leveraged Twitter to create a complete recruitment engagement while amplifying their “Employer Value Proposition” reach. For the first time ever, hiring was a conversation that was a two way conversation on a social platform encouraging everyone to be a part of this exciting journey.

Step 1

Campaign launch and initiation of the recruitment process

Team of HCL experts tweeted questions while prospective candidates tweeted back their answers. The questions were used to screen with parameters such as their fundamental skill set, general awareness, quick thinking, aptitude and attitude towards life. The campaign was curated in a way in which the entire process was fun and non-stressful.

Step 2

Shortlisting candidates

Team at HCL shortlisted five of the best candidates amongst the thousands of candidates who had submitted their responses.

Step 3

Finalising the winner

Another rigorous round was held between the five shortlisted candidates which ultimately led to the winner.

HCL was successful in appealing to an audience of millennials by giving the old job interview process an exciting revamp and making it completely digital.

A highly successful campaign figuratively also won the hearts of job seekers on Twitter.

The campaign saw an engagement of about 250K from prospective job seekers from over 60 countries. The campaign was applauded in the press as one of the most impactful outreaches in the history of social media which paved the way for the campaign to win 3 National Awards.

But the biggest impact was not figurative but the reception that the brand received making it a refreshed and strengthened employer brand.

And the cherry on the cake was HCL became the most followed IT service organization on Twitter, staying ahead of the competition in style.

Celebrating 10 years of a key product through a human-first campaign