Bosch encourages safety on roads from Artic to Anatartic in 90 days

Our Expertise

In India, more than 150,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents.

Bosch, a leading supplier of technology and services in Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology conducted extensive research. The research unveiled that through the implementation of motorcycle ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) by Bosch every third accident involving a two-wheeler can be avoided.

To spread awareness about road safety, Bosch co-sponsored a one-of-a-kind ride – Polar Odyssey, which had 3 Riders ride from the Arctic to the Antarctic in 90 days. This ride was done on a daily commuter bike – Dominar, empowered by two crucial safety features from Bosch – ABS, and EMS (Engine Management Systems). The ride ended with a day-long conference in New Delhi where the biking community was engaged in a Q & A and a panel discussion.

Planning and Execution

As the Polar Odyssey riders achieved new milestones every day, Bosch India took a 360-degree approach to engage OEMs, media, and the biking community through two campaigns; Polar Odyssey & Spirit of the Ride

Step 1

Launching #PolarOdyssey

We started the three-month-long #PolarOdyssey campaign in August 2018, using hashtags #BoschSafety #DrivenByBosch, across the web – with an initial focus on Facebook and Twitter.

Step 2

Launching #SpiritOfTheRide

#SpiritOfTheRide promotion campaign launched digitally with a focus on commuters’ safety on Indian roads and technology offered by Bosch that made riding smooth and safe.

Step 3

Registrations Open For The Conference

After the registration page promotion, the campaign received about 200 registrations within 10 days – surpassing the target of 150 registrations.

Step 4

Launch of the Anthem

Spirit of the Ride Music anthem was launched digitally and internally in Bosch. The video received over 135k views within 15 days.

Step 5

Launch of the #SpiritOfTheRide Video

The launch of the video showcased acclaimed Indian woman biker Roshni Misbah, aka. The Hijabi Rider, overcoming everyday challenges to reach her destination. The video received more than 75k views in just 10 days.

Step 6

The Conference

Print creative showcasing the rider’s journey from North America to South America, with the promise of safe riding experience, was brought alive with offline event creative dominating the conference’s venue, The Lalit, New Delhi, on March 8.

The audience was engaged with live streaming of the conference as well as live-tweeting. It kept the digital world hooked to the dream of zero accidents in India being transformed into reality.

The campaign was successful in making road safety synonymous with the brand Bosch. The event saw 60+ media attendees, 3 engaging presentations, 15 popular biking clubs participation, and 6 renowned panelists, making it a huge success.

The Spirit Of The Ride anthem video received over 135k views within a period of 15 days on Youtube. The Spirit Of The Ride video celebrating the brave Indian women on roads, showcasing Roshni Misbah received more than 75k views in just 10 days.

As a result of the campaign, the brand increased awareness about safety and reminded their customers that their technology protected them and made them feel safer on roads.

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