Win Globally, while producing in India

India B2B SaaS companies are poised to win over the world, but are unable to win in the US or Europe.

We are a specialized team of B2B professionals who will make you undeniable globally.

Why Indian B2B SaaS companies struggle in western markets?

Great tech, bad communications

Indian B2B tech companies have managed to create wonderful tech, usually founded and led by technical experts. But when they go out to win in the west, somehow they can’t seem to scale. Customers largely ignore them, in spite of a competitive product and better pricing.


There is a huge cultural difference between the western world and India: in the ways we act, communicate, perceive value and choose our partners. Bridging this gap requires experience and a diverse team who can craft a compelling message for the market.


Instead of trying to own a niche, companies go after a red ocean where every competitor is operating.  If done methodically, Indian B2B companies can exquisitely communicate their value and create their own niche – attracting the right customers who are exactly interested in what they have to offer.

A Strong brand will make you The Undeniable choice and create the building blocks for you to scale!

Power of the brand is cohesion and differentiation

Brand cohesion across all channels and teams

Sales, marketing, customer success and account management- all speaking the same language.

Radical Differentiation

By bringing out what is unique about you, and by attracting customers whoare exactly looking for someone like you, you radically differentiate yourself from your competitors, allowing you to play the game on your own rules.

Brand will get you the results

Right fit customers

More right fit customers dropping their contacts on your website, less unproductive conversations.

Command a premium

Ability to command a premium from your current pricing model, by allowing them to perceive you for your strengths, that solves their problems.

Faster deal velocity

With lesser closure times, and faster movement through the buying process, because they trust you are the right partner for them.

At Renaissance we are powering Indian tech companies to win globally

1Trained B2B experts who will understand and add value to your business

2Only 1/7 LinkedIn creative partners globally

3Proven global experience across continents and different verticals

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Phase 1


Understand who you are and the heart of your brand.

Understand who your customer is and his journey.

Phase 2


The DNA of your company.

Internal and external vision, mission.

Phase 3


Building your brand story.

Captivating your customer.

Phase 4


Communicating Brand Identity.

Logo, taglines, visual concept, tone of voice and other brand elements.

Phase 5


Launch your new identity and compel right fit customers.

On the web, social media, sales outreach and other channels.

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Powering a CCaaS firm foray into the USA.

With its roots in India, Ozonetel wanted to win in the USA market with its varied range of contact center solutions. Renaissance undertook the task at hand and developed a new branding thought process that harmonized the brand’s biggest advantages, Ultrafast Implementation with VIP support. 


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